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ブラシルからのダンサー、Rafael & Carine の来日がビザの都合でキャンセルとなりました。







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Rafael & Carine | Japan Salsa Congress (ジャパン サルサ コングレス) 2016
Rafael & Carine | Japan Salsa Congress (ジャパン サルサ コングレス) 2016


ブラジル出身のサルサ・ペアRafael and Carine。


それぞれ別々のパートナーと一緒にサルサダンサーとして活動していましたが、2008年にペアを結成して活動を開始。翌2009年にはBrazil Salsa Openを制しブラジルチャンピオンとなったのをはじめ、2010年にはプエルトリコのWorld Salsa Openで優勝するなど、国内外で多数の受賞歴を持っています。



Biography (English)

Rafael and Carine born in Fortaleza, Ceara, northeastern Brazil. Since their childhood, both of them had a great contact with the dance world, either at parties or family in the traditional dances of northeastern forró. At that time they learned to love what later would become the passion of their lives.

Rafael had his first dance class at age 14, coincidentally the same age as Carine also began to take its first steps in a dance school. A child prodigy, at eighteen has taught Forró, Samba, Bolero, among other rhythms. Rafael’s first contact with the Salsa happens in 2004 when ten couples form the Rebelion Salseira Ceará, study group would develop the Latin beat that was already popular in Sao Paulo. In 2005, he comes to São Paulo for the first time and performs in the Salsa World Congress of Brazil with the newly formed Triple S. Two years after moving to Sao Paulo and only 21,he placed at the Brazil Salsa Open.

In 2008 the successful partnership begins with Carine Morais. But the story begins well before the two. Carine begins the study of ballroom dancing at 13 and at 14 began her career as a teacher. Still very young. In 2003 she participates in two seasons of shows in Spain on the Brazilian music.

By 2004 Carine and Rafael become increasingly similar. Even without being partners, are part of the Rebelion Salseira, Triple S, and Phoenix Cia Cia Jimmy de Oliveira / SP.

Between 2005 and 2006 Carine decides to spend time in Rio de Janeiro as a partner of Jimmy de Oliveira, a time that also specialized in samba. In the countryside of Brazil’s 2007 Salsa Open and with his former partner and friend Paul Burracha, which qualifies to participate in the World Salsa Open 2008. Back from Puerto Rico she finally begins her partnership with Rafael Barros and since then, they have won numerous awards including the 2010 World Salsa Open.

Awards 2011 – World Salsa Open 2nd Place / Puerto Rico 2010 – World Salsa Open Champions / Puerto Rico 2010 – Rey Castro Champions/ Professional Category 2009 – Brazil Salsa Open Champions / National Championship 2009 – Rey Castro, 2nd place 2009 – World Salsa Open 2009 Finalist 2009 – World Salsa Open – 3rd best choreography. 2008 – Salsa Open Champions in Brazil 2008 – Champions Sao Paulo Salsa Open

Personal Information Rafael Barros, 24, and Carine Morais, 28, are the 2010 World Salsa Open Champions, held in Puerto Rico, which brings together the best professionals in Europe and the Americas. The victory put Brazil in the center of Salsa worldwide and makes the country an important reference for the dance.

With only two years and seven months of the partnership, Rafael and Carine are distinguished by good technique and musicality, and above all, the harmony of their dances. Between 2008 and 2010 they won the Brazil Salsa Open twice, played the national championship at the World Salsa Congress in Brazil. Also in 2009 were finalists for the World Salsa Open. And on their very first appearance together, they won third place for the best choreography competition.

They have also won the fifth edition of the traditional championship Rey Castro, São Paulo. They are renowned teachers and choreographers since 2005 not only in Brazil, but also abroad. Among them are the World Salsa Congress in Brazil, Rio Salsa Congress, Puerto Rico Salsa Congress (Puerto Rico), Brasilia Salsa Congress, Salsa Congress weasel (Argentina), Sampa Samba Dance and Workshop by Jimmy Oliveira.

Rafael and Carine are also sought after to schedule concerts inside and outside their native country. The couple has delighted fans of dance in Italy, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina and the Brazilian states such as Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Piauí, Paraná, Paraíba, Brazil, Pará, Rio Grande do Norte and Santa Catarina. Participated in several television programs on TV Globo, Record and SBT.


– Champions of the World Latin Dance Cup 2014 Category on1
– Champions of the World Latin Dance Cup 2013
– Tri-Champions World Salsa Open 2013
– World Salsa Open 2012
– Salsa Contest Of Champions Rey Castro – São Paulo
– Champions Six Degrees – Toronto; Canada
– Vice Champion Salsa World
-1st Place Rey Castro
– 1st place – Champions of the World Salsa Open
– Champions Mundias Salsa
– 2nd Place – Rey Castro
– 3 th place in Choreography – Word Salsa Open Puerto Rico
– 7th place – Word Salsa Open Puerto Rico
– 1st Place – Brazil salsa Open – Brazilian Championship salsa
– 1st Place – salsa Open / regional São Paulo
– 1st Place – Brazil salsa Open – Brazilian Championship salsa