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Mike and Erika have
           been dancing together for the past two years. They met with
           only the passion of dance, but  have created a partnership
           built to inspire and be completely unique to the world. They
           have managed to create an environment to empower every
           person they meet.



The highly
           anticipated, new and upcoming dance couple from Los Angeles,
           have set themselves apart with their cosmic musicality and
           visual anomaly. They will have you on the edge, of the edge
           of your seat with their unconventional creativity and awe
           inspiring experience. Their inspiration is to motivate you
           to be your true self and create from your heart, in whatever
           that may be. Being new to the scene, they have shown that
           hard work truly pays off and you can accomplish whatever you
           put your mind too. Their classes involve seeing music
           differently, self-love, intricate patterns, speed and
           delicate follows. You will see how her follow, his patterns,
           and their style are one of a kind. They know there is more
           to salsa than expected and are very unconventional with it.
           Watching them you will experience an extraordinary
           rollercoaster in a mental and physical way.