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Neander Lima: a smooth jazz, bachata and salsa saxophonist performer, songwriter, composer, and arranger.


Born in 1986 in Brazil, Neander was exposed to different styles of music since very young. One of his earliest inspirations was his mother, an accomplished Christian-erudite singer who used to perform all over Brazil from the early 70’s to late 90’s. Growing up in Brazil, he was also richly influenced by the legacy of great Bossa Nova, Samba and Axe musicians whose styles transcend generations.

Church was very important in Neander’s early career, and it culminated in his love affair with music. At an early age he was playing the trumpet and the piano by ear to perform at church with a small ensemble. His talent for music and self-teaching abilities gave him an amazing ear for music, and he could learn and play almost any song after just listening to it once.

After moving to the United States, he developed an interest for saxophone while playing with the high school band in Plano, TX. He was practicing for several hours a day, and soon started performing with contemporary Christian bands in the Dallas area. During his junior year in high-school Neander moved back to Brazil to further develop his musicianship while performing with different popular and Brazilian bands. At his time, he recorded his first solo album, which includes some of his compositions and many traditional hymns in a revamped arrangement. After returning to the US a year later, he brought back a new enriched style and joined a bossa nova group while also performing at Christian churches. Influenced by smooth jazz performers such as David Sanborn and Nelson Rangel, Neander started to cultivate a passion for the style. Since 2010 he has been creating and performing several smooth jazz tunes that are quite unique.

In 2014 Neander fell in love with bachata, a genre of Latin American music that originated in the Dominican Republic. He soon incorporated Saxophone with Bachata, and it quickly became a success on social media and YouTube with 130k views in 48hrs. With this concept, Neander has played over 37 Different cities in the US and 5 different countries.

Check out Facebook page for Calendar events facebook.com/neanderlima